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Collection of buildings

What do I get with my report?

With your report you get a CD that allows you to print off as many extra copies of the Asbestos report as you wish. This electronic pdf file allows for additional copies to be given to insurance companies, architects, landlords etc. Also if recommended in the asbestos report Self-adhesive health & safety warning labels will be enclosed. By following the report the locations for these labels will be explained.

Download a sample report

Pdf logoSample Report 1     

Here is a typical sample report, which allows you to see at first hand the format and contents of an asbestos report.


Surveys reports

Lab Report

If a Management, and Refurbishment and Demolition survey is carried out, the samples taken from around the property are then analysed. An accredited independent laboratory is used and the results for the samples are printed on their lab report. This report is included in your final full report to map out the asbestos materials for the property.

Site Map and Detailed Floorplans

Pdf logoSample Floorplan

In the final asbestos report, maps and floor plans are included, such that the reader
can pinpoint the location from which any sample has been taken. Photographs are also included so that you can easily identify where an asbestos material has been located. Floor plans also allow the reader of the report to see the areas covered by the survey.

Sometimes a single building has many tenants and the remit of the client is only to survey their section of the building.

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